ra associates have been established with the objective to further promote the air cargo business on a global level. The rapid changes and evolutions of the air cargo industry necessitate present and future participants to carefully evaluate the multiple options available. While costs and profitability are basic requirements, equal important are market predictions and analysis as well as timing of the right choice of market entrance or expansion possibilities. The fast growth of the industry is often hampered by lack of experienced or sufficient   management capacity, hence the growing demand for outside consultants.
Outsourcing of aircraft operations, selection of routes and en-route stops, choice of sales strategies and information technology as well as flexibility to meet clients demand, are all vital to a successful operation that meets investors and clients approval.

This complex scenario requires a maximum of information, experience and especially new strategies that meet the requirements of an ever changing and a more demanding as well as competitive market situation. Building a lean and professional organization requires not only the best of well motivated internal talents, but also the assistance of outside professional guidance and constructive ideas on a short to medium term concept.

ra associates is created to formulate with it's clients the right strategies that enables each company to successfully meet the global challenges in the air cargo industry of tomorrow.
The experience, know-how and support of ra associates is equally valuable to new entrants as it is to present air cargo management, but needless to say - of special interest to under-performing entities.

ra associates is a member of various organizations and Mr. R. Arendal is a frequent speaker on air cargo industry matters at international transportation conferences around the world.